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Did HBO send in college girls with hidden microphones to Alabama sorority houses to film a documentary about Bama Rush?? Then Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt from the iconic reality series, The Girls Next Door, are here, and they do tell all. They are now rewatching all of the show’s episodes and sharing what was real and what was fake. They answered my questions about what it was like to be intimate with Heff. We cover their relationship with Kendra, the recent A&E Playboy Documentary, and some of its shocking claims. This interview is juicy, honest, and funny; enjoy!

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0:00- intro
0:07- Welcome to Juicy Scoop
0:19- Bama Rush follow-up; suspicions that Vice media is trying to sneak a secret mic and record for exposé
5:55- Holly and Bridget, Girls Next Door, join Heather in the studio! New podcast!
6:50- Holly shares how she met Hugh Hefner and got into the house
9:34- Bridget discusses how she met Hef and got into the house
13:10- how does someone make the jump from being with men the same age to an older man like Hugh? Is there pressure to have sex?
16:56- how do women recruit other women for Hugh Hefner?
23:19- when did Holly realize the situation wasn’t a conducive environment?
26:12- How was the show created? Who came up with the idea?
28:50- Girls were not paid for the first season; they were treated like YouTube children with no choice about being on screen
30:05- how did the girls’ parents deal with their daughter's new lives?
33:12- Holly and Bridget speak on when the publicity started kicking in from the TV show; how fame felt
34:30- when did everyone stop having sex with Hugh?
37:57- Heather asks if it was weird for Hugh Hefner‘s sons to live close by. What was your relationship with them?
38:40- Holly says no one had a relationship with Hugh’s ex-wife because she was intimidating and scary
39:23- Heather asks why they think they got divorced.
41:07- did all the girls leave at the same time? Girls speak about how everyone left
44:00- Holly confirms she tried to have a baby with Hugh
45:26- The Secrets of Playboy twin reveals she got pregnant with Hef’s child naturally; Heather asks them for their opinions
47:30- Heather asks the girls if they were able to rat hole their money
50:31- what happened with Kendra? Is there bad blood?
55:04- Bridget speaks on her love life; with a man for 14 years!
55:38- Heather asks Bridget her opinion of The Secrets of Playboy
59:55- Holly and Bridget speak on their new podcast and how it came to be
1:06:19- girls say there was an unspoken rule that no guest ever hit on Hugh’s girlfriends
1:07:04- Heather asks if the rumor of Hugh watching gay porn is true

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